S2000 oil cap coin (10w-30) - satin copper

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The S NI SEN SPG - S2000 oil cap coin is a 36mm x 2mm thick oil cap coin designed for use with standard Mugen oil caps (15610-XG8-K0S0).

Die stamped plated metal coin, with enamel filled color. Hi-temp 3M 9077 adhesive on back to attach to oil cap. Ships with protective plastic sleeve. This version is Honda branded and is a satin copper plated finish.

Info on 3M adhesive for ideal installation method: https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/900994O/3mtm-double-coated-tissue-tape-9448a.pdf

This adhesive is rated for 150C (302F) short term (mins/hours), so if instructions are followed the coin should remain secure under high temperatures. However under certain extended high temp track sessions the adhesive could fail. I have never experienced this personally, but if you do experience a failure contact me and I will get you a replacement.

Note: Mugen oil caps and valve cover only shown for reference. Only includes oil cap coin. Shipping cost may need to be adjusted depending on your location.


-Each valve cover oil cap threading is unique, make sure to install oil cap onto valve cover a few times, hand tightening and removing a few times to get it to settle into a position when fully tight. Best to let it go through a few heat cycles with the cap on without the coin to let the seal heat up a few times, and remove and retighten cap by hand before applying coin.

-Install when the engine is completely cold. Thoroughly clean the oil cap surface with isopropyl and dry, remove adhesive backing paper and apply coin at the angle you want. Press and hold. Let the adhesive cure for at least 24hrs before driving.