S NI SEN SPG - S2000 Chassis Badge


The S NI SEN Special Projects Group S2000 chassis badge is a 96mm x 41mm x 2mm die struck metal plate that is blasted for a rough interior surface, plated and polished for smooth raised surfaces, and is then laser engraved with your own chassis type, engine code, and VIN. It is designed to fit the existing holes on the S2000 radiator support where badges were installed on JDM models. This product is intended for US cars that do not currently have a VIN plate installed, if your car is from a different market and has one installed please research the legality of removing/replacing it.

The S2000 in the US didn't come with a chassis badge installed like they did in other countries so this is a great way to give the engine bay a more refined finished look, that still looks like it was installed at the factory in Tochigi or Suzuka.

It was designed to have a similar feel to other S2000 parts like the Honda ACCESS Premium floor mat badge, Honda parts labels, and classic Honda S600 and Honda motorcycle chassis badges.

Once you place an order, FILL OUT THIS FORM to provide your chassis information for laser engraving: S NI SEN SPG - S2000 Chassis Badge laser engraving form

The form is private and secure and will only be shared with the manufacturer. If you would like to order more than 1, you can add multiple to your order and fill out the form for each of your cars.

Once enough orders are placed, the batch order will be sent to the manufacturer to laser engrave each part individually. Expect to wait 3-6 weeks from time of order to ship date.

See more high resolutions photos here: S NI SEN SPG - chassis badge - S NI SEN forum


-1 x S2000 Chassis Badge (unique laser engraving based on your form submission)
-2 x 5/32" (3.96mm) full stainless steel rivets for mounting


Installation will require a basic hand riveter that has a 5/32" attachment and can handle stainless rivets. Most hand riveters that are readily available should work.

Place rivets in the badge and test fit on the OEM radiator support holes. The back of the badge is very smooth and should not damage the paint, mine are installed directly against the radiator support. Thoroughly clean the radiator support area before installing.

I recommend placing a microfiber cloth over the badge and radiator support area as you install your rivets to protect the surfaces, the mandrel snapping with stainless rivets as the rivet is secured can be pretty sudden and jerk the riveter as it snaps. Take care when securing them to avoid dinging up any surfaces.

Use a hand riveter with 5/32" attachment and secure rivets into the chassis. If you have any issues and need additional rivets the size I recommend is 5/32" (.156") diameter, .338" body length, .126-.187" grip length, button head, full stainless steel. I chose rivets with a .312" (7.92mm) head diameter to exactly match the mounting surfaces on the badge.


  • Custom Engraving (Fill out form linked in description to provide chassis info) 60%